GWA has worked with outstanding companies and their representatives. The work we do and the results
we consistently achieve have given us the knowledge and experience to do what is right for each customer, every day.



Like clockwork, the month of December approaches along with our final Premiere Auction of the year and my mind begins down the path of reflection once again. I think back to 1993 when the inception of Rock Island Auction Company took place. I further think of the many people and businesses that have supported and made a difference in RIAC’s growth – of course I cannot help but think of the impact our relationship with Greg Welteroth Advertising has had.

In 2005 we had our first conversations about building a national and international brand name for Rock Island Auction. I recall being skeptical about expanding the funds for advertising that was proposed by you and your son Gregory. In 2006 I was finally convinced to give it a try. By the end of 2007 our sales shattered the industry record for yearly sales and increased that record by 51%. This took our sales from 19 million to 28.6 million. Frankly, never in my wildest dreams would I have thought 28.6 million was attainable in a calendar year. And it didn’t stop there, each year the numbers improved and by 2012, six years later, we announced a banner year and another industry record of 47 million! An amazing 60% increase.

I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge that these outstanding numbers would not have been attained without the support and direction of Gregory Welteroth Advertising. The counsel of yourself and your son has been without a doubt reassuring and unmatched.

Upon further reflection, I am proud to say that we are not simply business associates, but friends as well as partners in the success of Rock Island Auction Company. So, please extend to your son and your staff, a heartfelt thank you in making RIAC the #1 firearms auction company in the world for ten consecutive years.

Patrick F. Hogan, President/Owner
Rock Island Auction Company


It has been a great pleasure to work with you, Greg and the rest of the staff at Gregory Welteroth Advertising. Since I’ve been working with you on behalf of Messick’s Equipment Inc. you’ve provided us with knowledgeable insight and expertise to tackle projects that would not have been possible without your help. Most importantly, the end result of the advertising and marketing projects have been great successes that continue to pay off throughout the year. The team at GWA has provided us with the services and expertise to plan, execute, analyze and refine our strategies and advertising campaigns throughout the year. No matter when we have called they have always answered and have taken the time to discuss my concerns and respond to questions. We appreciate the many times you’ve gone to great lengths to ensure our satisfaction in all of our projects. We have had a good year so far and with your help and support we can continue to grow as a company. I’m happy to say that you’ve left no stone unturned and ensured that our questions are always answered, projects are completed on time and as expected, and you have delivered outstanding advertisements for us each and every week. Many thanks, to you and the GWA team for the incredible amount of hard work and great attention you’ve given us.

Ryan Pabon
Messick’s Marketing Coordinator


“I have worked with many agencies in my 17 years of media and I can say without a doubt that GWA is one of the best agencies out there. With service, experience, talent and professionalism, a client would not only be happy to have them as an agecy, but they would see results.
While there are agencies who buy strictly off of rankers, GWA understands the needs, wants and desires of each and every client and matches product with quality demographics in every market. GWA understands, “people move product, product don’t move people”.
In my book they may not be in a class by themselves, but when you take role call, it doesn’t take long.”

Joseph G. DeLao
Sr. Accounts Manager
100.3 KILT FM, Houston’s #1 Country Station
Texans Radio Network, 2nd Largest NFL Network


“To all Kubota Dealerships Contemplating the use of GWW’s services:

Our company, McFarlane Mfg Co. Inc., has been utilizing GWW as our primary media agency for the Kubota product line for over 4 years and I can sum up their contributions to our Kubota product line performance in one word . . . OUTSTANDING. Joe Rechel and his team do an exemplary job of putting together sharp ads that grab attention and get noticed. In a market that has seen business erosion and declining profits our Kubota product line has continued to improve and I have no doubt this is partially due to the quality of ads that GWW produces. In addition, whenever we have had to make adjustments, or to do a special event or media piece, GWW has helped us develop and execute pieces quickly without any compromise in quality. From my perspecitive, we get the best of two worlds – GWW’s weight and expertise in negotiating below market prices with media outlets, and personalized attention in production of hi-impact ads.

Bottom line for me is that the Kubota line is one that I do not have to worry about promoting as GWW has the program well under control, so our sales staff and I can concentrate on serving customers.”

Rauel LaBreche, Marketing Manager
McFarlane Mfg Co. Inc.



It has been a pleasure working with you and the entire Greg Welteroth Advertising staff for the past 12 years. During your tenure as our agency of record, our company has realized several significant milestones. We have grown to over $1 billion in assets as well as being named a number one bank in our size category by the American Bankers Association.

During the past three years your team has helped us triple our consumer loan business. This growth has been facilitated by your staff’s talent to build and design creative campaigns that reach our targeted markets.

Thank you for the professionalism and expertise displayed by the entire Gregory Welteroth staff since our relationship started in 2001.

Richard Grafmyre, CFP
President & CEO


We, at Resurrecting Lives Foundation, cannot thank you enough for your continued support and specifically our first full page ad in USA Today which appeared 12/24/2013, on the back of the sports section of the paper. Not only was the ad amazingly placed, but it also truly captured the essence of our mission at Resurrecting Lives Foundation and changed the course of our grass roots efforts into a mission with a national platform.

First of all, the ad captured our audience, the OIF/OEF Veterans with TBI. In fact, I spent many hours on Christmas Eve answering the questions of our heroes at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center who viewed the ad. The healing and the hope that your ad generated was palpable and rang true to our heroes. – THANK YOU for their Christmas Gift.

In addition, your ad changed the course of our mission, and focused us on employment initiatives for our heroes with TBI/PTSD. Our board member and your colleague, Stan Crader, recreated and enlarged the ad on poster board. This version we have utilized to initiate our employment collaborations with Cardinal Health, Ft. Bragg, Honda of America Manufacturing, and many other organizations and companies. We noted a HUGE bump in our recognition factor, and a huge draw for companies willing to sponsor us. Also, we have been contacted by military members and Veterans with TBI issues from 17 different states, increasing our awareness base to 28 states thus far, and counting. I estimate that at least 20 heroes are alive today because of the name/logo recognition coupled to your generous gift of our modernized website. Honestly, Mr. Welteroth, your support has saved lives, and not just the lives of the heroes who contacted us, but the lives of their family members and brothers and sisters in arms. There is no price tag too high for the resurrection of even one warrior, let alone 20. We cannot over emphasize the impact of your support and the ad and website.

Enclosed in this letter is our 2015 employment initiative handout. Again, Mr. Welteroth, companies open the doors for us after seeing the USA Today ad. You have given us credibility and a national presence that few grass roots efforts ever accomplish, and we look forward to future creative collaborations with your company.

Lastly, Mr. Welteroth, I cannot personally thank you enough for your guidance. Your graphic designer, Dean Kistner, encouraged me to crystallize my thoughts and develop our slogan:

Resurrect a Hero – Strengthen a Nation

That slogan has touched many hearts and minds and wallets during the past year, and we have your company to thank.

Please extend our gratitude to all members of your team who have assisted our nation’s heroes through these many efforts. It is not often, Mr. Welteroth, that a person has the opportunity to change the course of even one life, let alone many lives. I can guarantee that your sponsorship continues to bring hope. I thank you on behalf of our board members, and, most importantly, our heroes whom you have “resurrected” through your generosity, creativity, and patriotism.

With sincere appreciation for your jump start on our mission,


Chrisanne Gordon, MD
Chairwoman Resurrecting Lives Foundation
Dublin, Ohio


“I would like to say GWW has been great, through the years. They make it so easy to advertise with them, you just tell them what you want and they make it happen and will let you be involved as much as you want. I basically just tell them what we are looking for at the time and they make up the ad or script and then they send it to me and I usually make small changes and it’s done. We have been with GWW for about 6 years and first two year we used them and the 3rd year I didn’t , thought I could do it myself!!! I found out that year it’s a real pain and could not come close to what they provided and our sales dropped that year. I went back with them and our sales jumped back up and we have been going up each year. I don’t think you can go wrong with GWW they are great part of our business. They have helped us get to where we are today! Thanks”

Kelly Craddock
Kubota Tractor of the TriState


I have been working with Global Media Works for several years. I find their knowledge, professionalism, attention to detail and “client-first” focus impressive. I have no doubt their strategies and solid implementation drive results for Global’s clients.

Scott Pettit Media
Specialist Major/National Accounts
St. Louis Post-Dispatch


“Well, here we are in the middle of another mowing season. Would you please let everyone at GWA know how much we appreciate the work they do on our behalf? The ads are always eye catching, and GWA makes it so easy to personalize my schedule. If we need to hold an ad or change the emphasis it is as simple as a quick email and it is done.

Since we are a family business, it is nice not to have to spend time on advertising; instead we spend time with the customers. We love to see customers with the ads in hand, and know for a fact that many of them would never have come in without seeing them in the paper. Our ads are professional in appearance and because of that our public image has been enhanced. We have the ‘edge’ we need to move equipment.

We know we sell more equipment by participating in the program you have provided to MTD. We also know how our sales suffered the year the program were not offered to us by MTD.

Again, please give everyone our thanks, we appreciate all you do.”

Brad & Kate Jones, The Jones Boys, Inc.


“We’ve always been impressed with the courteous and professional approach of GWW, and appreciate the attention to detail with every project they undertake. It’s almost as if we are their only customer!”

Lisa Gossett
Oregon Vineyard Supply