The Omni-channel world we live in today has created the most interconnected and voracious consumption of media history as ever known. The average consumer takes in information across a multitude of screens and printed material simultaneously, and many advertising messages hang in the balance. So finding the right media, at the right time, at the right place, at the right price and with the right message has truly never been more important. At GWA, we have spent decades focused on the strategies, science and skills needed to balance these needs to achieve the goals our clients desired. Below are a few examples of just how far you can go with the right partner by your side.

Our Media Services

Our media services for the most part are all inclusive…because we have yet to meet anyone who truly enjoys additional billing. At GWA, we offer clients the ability to focus more on running their businesses than worrying if they spent too much time solving a problem with their agency partner. At the end of the day a true partner should care more about getting the best value, impact and results for their client rather than their billable hours. As such we offer a complete suite of campaign inclusive media services to fit a mix of client needs.

Strategy: Online & Offline

The architecture of any great campaign begins with the basics and evolves through the careful stewardship of seasoned experts and clear objectives. The strategy that comes from this process is critical to longevity, impact, and ultimately your ROI. Because we all know, you can’t sell what you don’t advertise, and how you approach the market makes all the difference in the world.

Negotiation & Buying

Global Media Works, GWA’s centralized, in-house media relations team researches, selects, plans, negotiates, purchases and schedules your advertising campaign. Our proprietary relationships with over 7,500 media properties across the United States and Canada afford us the ability to gain the maximum value for our clients regardless of their campaigns size or geographic focus.

A Case Study on Growing Sales


Six straight quarters record of growth are possible when the right partnerships are formed


Research & Competitive Analysis

Long ago Sun Tzu famously said that “if you know your enemy and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles”. It is incredible to think that not that much has changed in all that time, and today, the more you know, the stronger you are. At GWA, we take this to heart and employ a dedicated team of analysts and tools to provide our partners with the best intelligence possible.

Verification & Reporting

Verico, our in house verification, tracking and reporting team, serves as your campaign’s personal watchdog, ensuring that every ad not only ran as scheduled, but was of the highest quality possible. They do this across every advertising medium, proofing close to a million spots annually with less than a 1% error rate. Yes, we also think it is quite impressive.

A Case Study on Media Negotiation & Buying


With the right media strategy competitive dominance is almost guaranteed

Our Media Networks

We believe that a network should be more than just reach and frequency. It should connect with your target audience wherever they are, online, offline and on the go. A network needs to not only be impactful, but influential in a target audience’s complete circle of life, thus allowing a campaign’s message to resonate within a multitude of influencers and ultimately increase their propensity to act. It is with this strategy that a campaign can live long beyond its placement and truly make an impact that yields a lasting ROI.

Digital Network

• Display, Pre-Roll, Rich Media, Embedded Video, Email and more
• Top websites across a variety of categories
• Curated and Sponsored Content
• Scalable for a range of budgets

Electronic Network

• Top rated Cable, Broadcast, Radio & In Theatre
• Targeted programming
• Event, Engagement and Promotion
• Scalable for a range of budgets

Print & Outdoor Network

• Magazines, Newspapers, Trade Journals, Billboards, Direct Mail and Inserts
• Premium publications and content
• A wide range of target audiences and demographics
• Scalable for a range of budgets

Custom Network

Create a mix of channels that fits your unique needs
• Target a niche or broad audience
• Flexible unit size, duration and placement
• Nationally, regionally or locally
• Scalable for a range of budgets

A Case Study on Increasing Bids & Gaining Customers


By increasing awareness of who is the best it’s only natural for sales to follow


Online Marketing Solutions

Our digital experts possess a deep knowledge of all online marketing vehicles, including social media, mobile, video and digital display. We are IAB certified and dedicated to staying in front of emerging technologies, creating unique and impactful programs for our clients. Whether it’s a long-form video storytelling campaign or a high volume, data driven display buy, we craft customizable, effective programs, tailored to each clients’ specific goals.


Mobile Advertising

• Targeted to your audience
• Geographically specific
• Analytics driven
• Create custom SMS campaigns
• Scalable for a range of budgets

Display & Retargeting

• Targeted placement on top sites
• Custom ad creation and flexible sizes
• Analytics driven
• Behavioral targeting
• Scalable for a range of budgets

Social & Reputation Management

• Manage your networks from one dashboard
• Take control of the conversation & manage your online image
• Create custom email campaigns
• Scalable for a range of budgets


• Reach more customers at the moment of their need
• Increase your online ranking
• Drive increased web traffic to your site
• Scalable for a range of budgets


I am proud to say that we are not simply business associates, but friends as well as partners in the success of Rock Island Auction Company. So, please extend to your staff a heartfelt thank you in making RIAC the #1 firearms auction company in the world for ten consecutive years.

Patrick F. Hogan, President
Rock Island Auction Company